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via2014 Practice10012014 1 from a bill miller on Vimeo.

a few excerpts from a screen recording
testing some loops and a basic patch for live visuals
to be used at VIA2014 in Chicago on October 1, 2014

glitChicago Performances 09192014 from a bill miller on Vimeo.

an overview of some of the performances for glitChicago at Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, September 19 2014. organized by Paul Hertz. although not everything was recorded or presented in this video the list of performances and videos included:
jeff kolar
joseph y0lk chiocchi
nick kegeyen
shawné michelain halloway, anthony dunn, nu eevul
curt cloninger
nick briz
pox party
james connolly and kyle evans - cracked ray tube
a. bill miller
antonio roberts
jason soliday
benjamin berg
i <3 presets